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I don’t post much personal stuff on this blog, but I probably should have mentioned that I moved to San Francisco back in December to join the mobile team at Uber! Superpumped to be here. (p.s., we’re hiring!)

Back in my hometown, the Seattle City Council is talking about effectively shutting down uberX and other rideshare services. Below is the letter I sent Councilmember Mike O’Brien describing both why I think Uber is important for Seattle, and why I decided to relocate to join the company.

Mike - I'm disappointed by your decision to limit the number of available rideshare drivers. I've been a long time supporter of providing ways for people to get around the city without needing their own car, including my direct involvement with the ST2 campaign and the Broadway streetcar/bike path project.

Rideshare provides important complementary service to mass transit. Many Seattle commuters who take transit to work still own cars that they used for all non-commute trips, but that was starting to change. I personally know many people who sold their cars because they knew they could count on services like Uber for on-demand rides. This is a big deal, leading to more support for mass transit, less demand for parking that drives up the cost of housing, and less opposition to street improvement projects that also benefit cyclists and pedestrians.

Many friends and I have found ourselves going out more, spending more money at local businesses, and exploring more of the city because we know we can get home safely.

I left Seattle to join Uber because I saw it was having such a positive impact on cities around the world and wanted to be part of it. The decision to limit available drivers takes Seattle backwards with all stated goals around climate change, alternative transportation, affordable housing, job growth, and public safety.

There are over 10,000 signatures from people who want to see Uber stay as an effective way to get around Seattle. action.uber.org/seattle Your decision does not represent the city that elected you.

I did not receive a response.

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