FareBot visits Japan

I’m happy to announce a new version of FareBot is now available on the Android market!

There are two major changes in this release: A totally new user interface designed for Android 4.0 and support for Japanese FeliCa cards including Suica, PASMO, and ICOCA.


For people (like me) who can’t read Japanese, FareBot will display all station and line names in English. For everyone who can read Japanese, the entire app has been localized for Japan.


This release would not have been possible without the help from a bunch of people and open-source projects. I randomly met Makoto Yamazaki at Bar Android in Tokyo back in July who pointed me to the nfc-felica project, which much of the new code in FareBot is based on. I’d also like to thank Dennosuke from the IC SFCard Fan project for providing the station database.


If you think FareBot is awesome and have been enjoying using and showing it off to your friends, please consider supporting the continued development of the project by contributing a few bucks (or yen!) to the Buy Eric a Galaxy Nexus fund. I appreciate it!

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